7 Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates [Part 2]

As promised here is the second part of my series on top email headings.

Tip 5 of this series is arguably the most important


# Tip 5 -  Self Interest

For example : - How to write a promotional email that converts

This is working right now …

7 quick Facebook hacks

This is the best type of email heading and you should be using it the most frequently. You need to keep them direct and highlight a specific benefit your audience will get by opening your email.


#Tip 6 - Connection

For example : Thank you …  or  Have a great Christmas! [ Seasons Greetings]

Don’t forget that you are emailing real people and you need to connect with them. It’s not all about the sale.  Remind people who you are and why they are on your list.


#Tip 7 -  News and Stories

For example -   SEO is changing, find out why…

Is Instagram the new Twitter?

You need to be an authority in your niche and by sharing news and updates this helps maintain and build your authority. You can combine these elements with a curiosity element to increase the chances of the email being opened. Also never forget the power in a story. Telling a story can connect you with your audience and with increased connection, it is more likely that future emails will be opened and your audience will identify with your brand.


In summary

The tips above are great ideas to encourage your subscribers to click on your emails but you need to deliver the content you promise in the subject line because if not you will disillusion your audience.

However, I have one more great tip which has been measured to increase open rates … look out for the next update.


Until next time,

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