Five Alternative Uses for Twitter

Here at the Internet Business School, we’re committed to make sure small business owners make the most of the latest internet marketing trends. With social media getting ever more influential in how people spend,we’ve made sure to create a range of courses, from how to advertise on social media to simple tutorials for everything from the basics onwards. Our Twitter tutorials have proved very popular over the last few months. However did you know there are other ways you can use Twitter other than simply tweeting your thoughts or chatting with people? Here are five alternative ways to use Twitter!


Useful Reminders

By drafting tweets you can also use Twitter as a notebook - leaving reminders for yourself for later. Twitter can also connect to many personal management or time management apps, enabling you to put reminders for yourself on Twitter, or using Twitter to put reminders on these apps. You can also have people tweet reminders at you if you need the help.


Quick News

If you want to check the latest news on the go, Twitter provides a great way to catch up on what’s going on through quick snippets of information. News broadcasters will often tweet the latest headlines, often updating with news as and when it happens. That means you can constantly be up to date with the significant events happening at the moment. Perfect for those who want to stay informed, or those particularly interested in a certain event that’s currently unfolding.


Finding a job.

When job opportunities come up, big companies will often post about their vacancies on Twitter,  linking back to their recruitment pages. Recruitment agencies, local news pages, and temporary work agencies will also often post job listings on their Twitters. By following these you’re provided a live feed of new positions as and when they come up, making Twitter very useful for everyone from those seeking a first job to someone looking for a change in career


Getting Help

Large companies, especially those involved in technology related industries, often use Twitter as a form of Customer Support. You can tweet your tech troubles to them and get fast replies and solutions to whatever problem you are facing. Twitter is also used as a great way to answer customer queries about queries about online shopping such as delivery times, prices and postage.



Looking after People’s Health

Health services make the most of Twitter to deliver important information to their patients. From advice on what to do in extreme temperatures, to alerting them dangerous conditions such as a high pollen account or risk of asthma attacks, Twitter makes for a quick and easy alert system. Doctors’ Surgeries may use Twitter to inform patients of walk-in clinics and pop-up services. Twitter is also useful for passing out surveys to improve patient experiences and give feedback to health professionals.


Need to brush up on your Twitter skills? Why not try our Twitter tutorials and learn everything you need to know about to become a Twitter expert? From the very basics to how you can use Twitter to promote your business, we cover everything you need to know. To find out about our exciting range of social media courses, visit We look forward to seeing you!