Five Reasons Why You Should Create an Ebay Business

Teaching people to make money online has always been the number one priority here at the Internet Business School. We’re always looking for quick and easy ways for you to make money using the latest internet marketing trends. We don’t think it really gets easier than opening up your own eBay store, but sometimes knowing where to start is the greatest hurdle for new businesses. That’s why we’ve created an online eBay Marketing course, but first, why should you be using eBay in the first place?

1) Your Own Personal Store

When you create a store on Ebay you get your own unique URL just for displaying your products, allowing customers to find you directly. Also, with only a little knowledge of HTML you can create a store that looks and feels completely unique, personalised for your business and its needs.

2) Cheap to List

It costs a maximum of 20p to list an item in an eBay Shop, and only 1p in their premium Anchor stores. This means you can list hundreds of products for sale with only a tiny charge compared to other online retailers.

3) Easy to Maintain

You don’t need to keep relisting your items as you can set them to automatically relist for as many days as you want them to. Your products will be available for sale constantly until they are removed by you. You can also set up your own promotions and sales with ease, your promoted items automatically appearing in the promotion section of your store design.

4) Product Reviews

Buyers can leave reviews on the sales pages of each of your products. This enables potential new buyers to see the recommendations of others, which could persuade them in turn to buy. Sellers on eBay can also be rated, letting your customers know you are a trustworthy source of whatever they’re looking for.

5) Extra Tools

You can use your store to create additional material for promoting your eBay store. Ebay provides the tools to create email marketing campaigns for your buyers, an ecommerce site linked to your eBay account, and templates for business cards and flyers.

Want to find out more about how you can make money on eBay? Well you can learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your own home with our online eBay marketing course. Come visit us as and discover our range of online internet marketing courses. The key to making a fortune  may be only one click away!