How To Take the Headache Out of Content Creation

You will probably have heard from many sources about the importance of content creation. Familiar sayings such as “Content is King” or buzz words like “content strategies” or “content marketing" and for good reason.  Content creation needs to be at  the top of your to do list.

Why?  Content is important for a number of reasons.  Producing online content, helps your brand, it builds relationships and importantly it strengthens your ranking on Google when the content is focussed on keywords, so called search engine optimisation.

It is also really important because there is so much ‘noise’ on the internet and in our lives generally.  We are being marketed to at every opportunity and our inboxes are overflowing with emails that we never open.  

Flip yourself onto the side of the marketer, the one who is trying to catch the attention means that you need to be creating lots of great quality content to get noticed and the downside is this is going to take time. There are a number of ways you can approach this problem but today I am sharing with you a video from our resident video marketer Ben Brophy, who is going to explain how you can easily repurpose one piece of video content to make three different types, quickly and easily.

The other plus of this method is the fact that different people have different preferences as to  how they like to consume content, so by creating different types you are increasing your chances of the content being consumed by your audience.

Hope you enjoy the video.

How to create 3 pieces of content from one video