Why You Should ‘Find Your Tribe’.

Being your own boss as an entrepreneur, running your own start up, it’s amazing. The excitement of making your own money, the journey to success, it’s a blast from the very beginning. There is however a downside. Working by yourself can get lonely. In fact it can get empty and confusing sometimes. If you need to ask a question, where to do you go? How do you know you’re doing something in the best way you can. If not, how to do you find someone who can tell you how to do it better? And even if there is someone, how do you know whether they’re trustworthy.

That’s why you should make an effort to find like-minded entrepreneurs, creating a network of trusted experts around you that you can share information and time with. Working with others at networking events, conventions and the like, allows you find new approaches to your day to day work. Having to deal with others forces you to think differently, makes you accountable for your own decisions and really helps to motivate you out of a rut. Being part of a group of entrepreneurs can be the difference between a stagnating business and one that grows through bright new ideas. The ideas you get from a group of fellow entrepreneurs are better suited to your work rather than taking advice from those outside the industry. It’s empowering to know that others have got your back when you’re in trouble, meaning every meet-up is worth every penny and minute spent.

Discussing your business with others also means that you’re going to have to practice honesty. Unless they know the full good and bad of what you’re doing, they can’t help you work out whether your current plans will hurt or help your business. You also can’t keeping taking advice and not give any in return. Finding like-minded entrepreneurs is therefore an excellent chance to increase your authority and honesty as a business person. Discussing your mistakes and the mistakes of others is a learning experience than will often prevent further problems later.

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