Pinterest - What’s the Point?

Delivering the latest internet marketing trends to small businesses has always been the Internet Business School’s greatest passion. Our online internet marketing courses aim to bring you up to date with the great platforms out there for massively expanding your business. Recently our attention has been gripped by the World’s Catalogue of Ideas - Pinterest. Today we’re going to share what’s got us so excited. Why should you be using Pinterest for business?

150 Million Users a Month.

In 2013, Pinterest had 70 million users and now that has more than doubled in only four years! The number of people who use Pinterest worldwide is simply astounding, and it hasn’t stopped growing. Every day more and more people sign up, meaning the audience your business could reach on Pinterest is ever-expanding.

Your Products, Their Catalogue.

Pinterest allows its users to create their own personalised catalogue of anything and everything that takes their fancy.  This collection style of social media is unique to Pinterest. Each photo or video a user adds to their collection contains a link to the website selling the product or service pictured. These links drive traffic back to company websites. Start posting pictures of your products and services with links and traffic will flow towards your business!

The Power of Pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially on the internet. People are impatient when searching the internet and will click away if they don’t immediately see what they want. Yet it takes only moment to see a dozen pictures, giving those who post on Pinterest a distinct advantage. Would you rather read a chunk of text or look at a few beautiful pictures? What would make you want to buy something more? Pinterest is a platform full of pictures, perfect for the busy customer who only has a little time to find what they want.

Customer Interaction Made Easy

Pinterest makes customer interaction incredibly easy. Once again, people prefer pictures and they love spending less time on something. So when it comes to testimonials and feedback, people are more likely to share pictures of themselves enjoying your product rather than write out a review. This is perfect for Pinterest where everything is image-based. Not only that, you can invite others to post on your Pinterest, allowing for competitions, feedback and a whole wealth of other customer interaction. Engaged customers are happy customers who are likely to spend more!

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