Testimonials - Your Way To Increasing Your Business Credibility

Know, Like and Trust.  Essential in building great business relationships and on the 3 day Accredited Internet Marketing Diploma, I teach you this process and how if implemented correctly it can make even more money online for you.

Part of this process involves maximising the assets your business already has or maybe even putting in place simple processes which will demonstrate to future clients your credibility. The easiest way to do this is to ask your existing customers for testimonials.  In fact, if you have ever been on one of my courses you will know that we implement this on a regular basis.  

I do this in two ways, the first way is by the traditional handwritten feedback form and the second way is by filming testimonials from clients who have attended my courses.  Not only does the feedback give me ideas as to how I can deliver future courses it also gives me handwritten evidence that I can present to potential customers, who are making a decision as to whether to attend one of my future events.

Video, as I said in a previous post, has a tremendous reach and is increasingly important online and so I hope you enjoy this short video from our video marketing expert, Ben Brophy on How you can increase your business with video testimonials.




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