The Do’s and Don’t’s of Instagram for Business

Here at the Internet Business School, we’re committed to delivering the latest trends in internet marketing to hardworking businesses. Recently we’ve been keeping our eye on Instagram, not just for the great pictures, but because the second largest social media platform in the world is perfect for promoting businesses. So how can you use Instagram for business? Well it couldn’t be simpler. Get your smartphone ready. Here are our dos and don’ts for making the most of Instagram for business.


  • Post pictures of your business headquarters and staff. Customers like to see the people behind a business.
  • Create a story with your pictures. Show the process of how your product is made or how your services progress.
  • Keep your photos on topic. This shows an organised and professional brand.
  • Look for key figures in your industry and see who is following them. Interact with their followers by liking their posts and leaving comments.
  • Interact with your audience. Follow them back, like their posts and write comments to show that you are willing to engage with your customers.


  • Set up Instagram on your computer and forget about the app. Most of Instagram’s features are only on your smartphone!
  • Spam your followers. You only need to post once or twice per day. Any more than that and you’ll bog down your followers and they’ll unfollow.
  • Overuse filters and sparkly effects. Too much altering makes your photos look unprofessional and more like an array of personal snaps..
  • Forget to link your Instagram to other social media platforms such as Facebook. You can then cross-post your images, meaning you can get two posts for the effort of one.

Want to know more about how using Instagram for business? Curious about where to get started? Come visit us at to find out how you can use the latest internet marketing trends to grow your business. Or click here to find out how to get stuck straight into Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you soon!