The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

Here at the Internet Business School, we’re devoted to bringing the latest internet marketing trends to businesses everywhere. We’ve made sure to stay up to date on all the tips and tricks businesses can use to beat their competitors, especially on the world’s most popular social media platform - Facebook. When creating our great Facebook marketing courses, we couldn’t help but notice there are still people who haven’t quite grasped how to make the most of Facebook and its huge audience. That’s why we’ve produced our dos and don’ts of Facebook marketing.



Fill in all of the About section - The About section provides two purposes that are both essential for businesses. Not only does the About section provide all the information customers need to know about your business, it is also essential for your Facebook page’s search engine rankings. Remember to include relevant keywords in your About section so your Facebook page appears higher on Google’s search rankings.

Post regularly - Though the best times and days may differ depending on your intended audience, it’s important to be consistent with when and how often you post. This not only projects the image of an organised brand but also allows customers to know when to expect to hear new information from you.

Make the Most of Facebook Analytics -  Facebook Analytics allows you to everything from when your target audience is online to which of your posts has had the best reception. This enables you to tailor your content towards what suits your potential customers best. Make sure you’re posting what they like at the times that suit them best to maximum attention for your business.

React to Events and Occasions - Show that your business is attentive to the world around you by tailoring your posts to react to current news and events. Be careful not be insensitive to the troubles of others but if a new trend or fad has made the news, comment on it, or perhaps include some political satire. Also make sure to produce seasonal posts at the right time of year.



Forget about your Header Image - Header images are perfect, not only for displaying your branding, but also for keeping your customers up to date on your latest products, events or offers. Produce new header images to draw your customers attention towards what you wish to promote

Leave Your Customers Waiting - Your Facebook page should be full of calls to action (‘call now’, ‘subscribe now’, ‘call us’) but if someone does contact you over social media with a question, make sure to answer it quickly. Communicating over Facebook is fast and customers expect a fast response, receiving an answer during the same day at the very least. Not replying to a customer usually means losing that customer so it pays to be attentive to who’s talking to you.

Over-post - Just like on any social media platform, no one likes being spammed with unnecessary content. Keep you posting concise, on topic, and post only at the best moments (which you can find out through Analytics). Quality is better than quantity when it comes to using social media to promote a business.

Stay apart from the Rest -  Interaction is the most important form of engagement on social media. You can interact with customers and other business through a whole range of different methods. Tagging someone who reviewed your product, or another business you’ve worked with, is a great way to make them feel included. Hosting competitions, posting Facebook-exclusive offers and following back people who follow your business are also great ways to engage with potential customers.


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