The Secret Revealed… The Proven Way to Encourage Email Clicks [Part 3]

When I tell you what this is, you will probably say is that it!

So, it is great to get high open rates and if you use the tips in my previous posts to help you compose your email subject lines, then you will be off to a great start.  However, if you get your email opened but then no action is taken on the content within the email then this is not great for your business.  So how do you get people to click?

It is as simple as this.  Mention the topic of your email in the subject heading.  Yes this has been tested and the results show that by pre- qualifying what the content of your email is about then this can  increase click through rates.

I hope you have enjoyed this three part series of the 7 tips to increase email open rates.  Remember to try out different subject headings and then test them to see how they convert. You can then adapt them accordingly.

Always provide value to your audience, connect with them and help them solve their pain. You will then have a happy email list and a more profitable business.


Have a great week