10 Traffic Hacks You Need to Know NOW.

Here at the Internet Business School, we know that getting traffic to your website can be hard work. With so many methods out there it can be confusing knowing what really works. Well, here is our countdown of lesser known hacks that can send your website traffic through the roof!

10)  Get Interviewed on a Podcast.

Podcasts are massively popular and their audience increases day by day. It’s estimated that 4.7 million people download podcasts every day. Being interviewed on a podcast not only generate exposure for your business but it also makes you look like an industry expert. Search for podcast that’s relevant to your area of expertise and make a list of podcasts you’d like to appear on. Start with smaller lists (podcasts with less than a thousand listeners) and then work your way up.

9) Repurpose your Blog Posts for Youtube.

Want more people to read your blog posts and sign up for your emails. Get on Youtube. Youtube has over a billion users, that’s almost a third of all people on the internet. Create video versions of your blog posts and upload them onto Youtube with the same titles to bring in traffic to your site, the links for which you can put in your video and video description.

8) Guest Post on Social Media

Also known as cross posting, find social profiles in your niche/area of expertise that are similar in size to your own. Ask the owner to share a post for you and offer to do the same for them. It’s a win-win benefit for the both of you.

7) Ping people mentioned in your content.

This is how you build up relationships with people that have influenced your business. Quote or mention these people in your blog posts and then when you publish your content, tweet at or email them to say you’ve mentioned them. Don’t beg for shares and make sure you mention them in a way that is actually useful for your readers. If they like it, they’ll then share it for you.

6) Target Direct Sharers

Buzzsumo.com allows you to search blog topics. Their ‘view sharers’ buttons will show you a list of people who have shared similar blog posts to yours in the past. You can then reach out to them on social media or email and ask what they think of your blog in the hopes they will share it too. When they then share it, send them a thank you message. Reach out to as many people as they can for maximum exposure.

5) Get on Google News

Getting your website listed on Google News definitely drives up traffic, but did you know over 60% of people trust Google News rather than other sources of News? This means it’s a great place to attract traffic that actually converts. Be sure to provide current and relevant content to make the most of Google News.

4) Run a Limited-Time Giveaway

Growing a subscriber list can also be a lot of work. However viral giveaways are a great strategy to overcome this initial hurdle. Give away something to a lucky few winners. It’s like running a lottery, collect emails in exchange for a prize draw. You can even ask your customers to share the giveaway with their friends to increase the chance of winning. This has been known to exponentially increase followings.

3) Offer a Free Product or Course.

Creating a new product may seem like a lot of work just to increase traffic, but it has been proved immensely successful. If you hit the right audience, present the right solution or make use of an incredibly popular current trend, your list will grow unbelievably fast. Research your customer base and work out how you can grab their attention. Then create a relevant product and watch the interest come in.

2) Do Webinars For Another Website.

Blogging is a powerful tool but you have to be able to convert readers into customers. Webinars famously have amazing conversion rates and joint webinars are essential to building traffic for your website. Find websites in the same industry as you. Approach them with an offer of conducting a webinar for your readers. Pick a topic you think is essential for your visitors to know and then present on that subject.

1) Be a Case Study for a Popular Blog.

This is a great way to gain instant credibility and viewers. Use someone else’s product, write a about it and then ask them to feature it on their blog. This is like using a testimonial but it’s easier to get traffic back. If you use any products that apply to your particular niche, approach the maker with a case study. Always link back to your own website.

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