Why Go Mobile? What Mobile Marketing Can Do For Your Business.

Here at the Internet Business School, we’re passionate about making sure businesses are making the most of the latest internet marketing trends. We’ve noticed that despite the fact we’re all constantly checking our phones, some people haven’t realised that we should be putting our businesses on there too! Having great mobile marketing is essential for great business growth and that could start with a great mobile marketing course. Here are our top four reasons why you should go mobile.

- Anytime, anywhere

Browsing and shopping on mobile phones is the perfect way to fit buyers’ needs around a busy lifestyle. The ability to shop wherever there’s internet means that people are shopping anywhere at any time. If your business doesn’t have a mobile presence it is missing out on all these customers who are buying on the go. Reach your customers wherever they are and whatever they’re doing by having a mobile site, or even an app, that they can use whilst moving about.

- Quick and simple access

When we check our phones it’s often a quick glance, or a quick search to find out what we’re after. Often people use search engines on their phone to look up something up fast. Whilst your site can still be found by these search engines, a website not adapted to work on mobile will be a lot slower to load than one that is. This does not suit to the fast click-happy mobile user, who wants the information they need immediately. They’ll leave your site immediately and look for a faster one if you haven’t adapted it for mobile.

- Maximise Engagement

Just like any form of marketing, an engaged customer is a customer who will buy more. Mobile devices open up a new way for customers to engage with your business, especially with the use of apps. Many businesses create apps that coincide with their business - for example money tracking apps, small games or meal planners. These apps are often free, giving the customer something as a reward for their loyalty. These apps can also be used on the go, and often are built to be integrated into the customers’ lifestyle, making sure the business involved is always present in their customers’ lives.

- Sharing Potential

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and people are constantly sharing their views on social media. Social Media dominates people’s smartphone usage and linking your content to social media will only make it easier for people to refer others to your business. This is possible on mobile, once again, anytime and anywhere. Let people advertise for you by giving them access to a fast mobile site they can share.


Are you ready to go mobile? Want to find out how you can adapt your current site for mobile use, or even create yourself an app? It’s easy! All of this and more can be found as part of the online Mobile Marketing course, created here at the Internet Business School. There’s everything you need to create professional mobile marketing for your business. Have any questions about the course? Ask us at https://www.internetbusinessschool.com/pages/contact-us We’d be happy to hear from you!