Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Facebook Groups

Here at the Internet Business School, we’re constantly on the lookout for new internet marketing opportunities. That’s why a recent article by Mark Zuckerburg caught our attention. The article was about the concepts behind Facebook Groups and how communities are being built online. Many people are already part of a Facebook Group, but so few understand their potential for marketing.

So what are Facebook Groups? Facebook Groups are separate areas of Facebook aside from your Facebook feed. These can be public but a more often or not Groups are member-only, managed by moderators.  Groups centre around a unified topic and become closer to a forum than regular Facebook communication.

Out of the 1.7 billion people who use Facebook every month, over 1 billion are active in one or more Facebook Groups. This huge audience, gathered into groups by share interests, is a perfect business tool for marketing online. Those who set up Facebook Groups can often benefit from the community they build. For instance, if you run a series of horticultural and garden shows and wish to advertise them, creating a group for gardners is a perfect way to engage with your target audience. Creating a successful group also grants you expertise and authority as a pillar of this community

Due to the fact you’ve gathered your target audience into one place, the organic reach of your brand is often much better due to to the focused nature of the group. This can save you money on Facebook advertising as you don’t need to use the targeting nature of Facebook Ads.

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