Why You Should Consider Attending A Webinar

Being willing to learn new skills to get the edge over your competitors is a key part of being an Interpreneur. We understand that at the Internet Business School and try to give our students as many opportunities to pick up essential internet marketing techniques as we can. Lately we’ve found our students love the ease and convenience of webinars.

So what is a webinar?

A webinar or ‘web seminar’ is an online conference-style presentation you can watch on your own computer. They are usually made up of live video, a slideshow presentation, desktop sharing or a combination of those three. The audio accompanying the presentation is live and streamed to you using web-conferencing software. Webinars can include interactive components including chat rooms, instant messaging, polls, social media integration and sometimes chances to ask questions via audio or video.

What are the advantages of webinars?

With webinars, there’s no need to leave the house. Going to ‘traditional’ conferences requires a lot of travel, which comes with its own host of expenses. Attending a webinar doesn’t require you to shell out for plane tickets, train fare, accommodation or eating out. Webinars are not only the wallet-friendly option but also saves you the stress involved with travelling.

It’s also easier to leave a bad webinar than a bad conference. If the presentation isn’t for you, it’s much simpler just to close the tab in your internet browser rather than leave a conference room or convention centre. When you leave a webinar, you’re still in your own home. When you leave a conference, you still have to deal with your travel back.

Unlike conferences, many webinars are archived. This means you can rewatch them later in case you feel like you missed something in your notes, or if you didn’t write something down as clearly as you’d like.

Webinars often have opportunities for interaction that traditional presentations and conferences do not. As mentioned, webinar platforms often include chat rooms, instant messaging and ways to interact via social media. This means you can talk with your fellow attendees or give feedback to the presenters. This opens up new options to learn from both the experts in attendance and your peers.

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