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Coaching 1:1 - Jay Hastings - CPA Affiliate Marketer

After some private mentoring with Simon Coulson and attending the Internet Business School 3 Day Internet Marketing Course, Jay gave up his day job 6 months after the course to concentrate on affiliate and video marketing.

He now has a very successful business. His main areas of expertise lie in CPA affiliate marketing, and would love to give you the assistance you need with this topic. Over the last year Jay has netted $18k in passive income from this side of his business.... read more



Jason Border - Web Designer - Developer

Jason has been designing websites pretty much since the internet began, starting back in 1990, when there were no images on the internet and it was all done in Notepad! Jason has been an integral part in projects such as building the UK’s first ever intranet for BT and the Disney Store’s first online shop. Jason is enthusiastic about your success and the success of your website and can assist you with any Wordpress / Website query you might have... read more



Gino - Internet Marketing Tutor

Gino worked in the IT Industry and climbed the corporate ladder for 17 years before going into teaching IT in schools and colleges for 5 years. Gino then started a local internet marketing business and has been running this for the last three years. With Gino's experieince in the Local Business Marketing arena and natural ability as a tutor, he will be able to assist you with any queries relevant to 'Local Marketing' or if you're setting up a Local Internet Marketing agency .. more info



Stas - Social Media MarketingStas came on the Internet Business School 3 Day Internet Marketing Course and immediately after this he was able to get the skills and knowledge required to start making money from the internet. He has mastered the art of building and launching websites as well as Social Media Marketing and helps business owners generate new leads, drive traffic to grow their business and build a strong following online using his professional Social Marketing skills. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd Stas can assist you ... more info